Filipiniana Room

We will fully utilize our home, the Philippine Center, by transforming our large stage into a dual Philippine exhibit/library area (Filipiniana Room) and performance stage.

By redesigning the existing stage into a Multipurpose Space to showcase Filipino furniture, features, and fixtures, we would convert the stage into a Filipiniana Room. It will be part museum and part library, exhibiting the history and culture of the Philippines and displaying our collection of Filipino books to the general public.

There are four remaining phases for this project:

1. Renovate the Space (estimated completion by January 2023)

This involves obtaining quotes and choosing contractor(s) who will develop the construction drawings and build using the room design.

2. Obtain and Install Special Design Features (estimated completion by March 2023; to happen concurrently with the renovation)

This involves obtaining quotes from artisans to acquire or build the following features:  capiz shell windows and balustrades, wide plank hardwood floor material, vintage 19th century or more contemporary capiz shell chandeliers, solihiya sofa, arm chairs, dining table, coffee tables, and custom cabinetry for the library collection. 

In addition to obtaining and installing these items, we will research and put in place a borrowing system and database for the library, and Filipino painters will be hired to paint accents on the walls.

Information placards describing the rich history of these objects will also be composed and displayed prominently in this space in this phase.

3. Celebrate the Completion of the Multipurpose Space with the Community (event expected to occur in April 2023)

This involves contacting the public through different mediums, like radio, television, printed materials, and social media. FAAP celebrations also incorporate delicious Filipino food so purchasing and cooking traditional Filipino dishes would be the largest expense in this phase. 

4. Establish Regular Operating Hours (immediately following the Opening Celebration)

This involves assessing possible staff to be available for the public to access the Filipiniana Room. During these final phases, the Philippine Center Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee will determine the best strategy to have the Center open outside of frequent regular programming (e.g. board meetings, social gatherings and community service events, story-telling for young members, and language instruction/Filipino school classes.)  This will probably result in the first paid staff member(s) to open and close the building for the public.

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