Maramba Scholarship



To be considered for the award, the applicant must:
1. Be a member (or his/her family is a member) of the FAAP with a minimum of two consecutive years of membership before the award.
2. Have a Quality Point Average of at least 3.5.
3. Be attending his/her senior year of high school.

The award will be given to the candidate(s) with the highest score based on the following point system.

  • 55% – Academic excellence covering three or four years of scholastic performance
  • 35% – Participation of his/her family in FAAP’s Programs
  • 10% – Extra-curricular activities and awards in any of the following areas: fine arts, music, dance, drama, sports, and community activism or volunteerism.


1. Fill up the application form which can be accessed here:  Online Application

2. Obtain the following supporting documents:

  • Official school transcripts from junior year including QPA and class rank
  • Proof of standing on the honors list if the candidate comes from a school district that operates on a two-track honor roll system
  • SAT scores from either junior or senior year
  • Three letters of recommendation from the candidate’s high school principal, the candidate’s advisor or counselor and a character reference from a non-relative

3. Submit the completed application form with supporting documents to the Education Committee. All applications must be received by September 30.  Please scan all documents and email to


2022Andrei Arboleda and Francis Wyichryk
2021Lindey Glinoga, Logan Mears, Miguel Quemado and Jojo Toledo
2020Cerina Wichryk
2019Jaimee Cabili and Janneselle Umalin
2018Mary Claire Rethage
2017Aubrie Knapp
2016Gabby Young
2015Alisa Quemado
2014Alexandra Knapp and Samantha Storms
2013Yani Quemado and Josh Tarun
2012Kiana DelGrosso
2008Joanne Moeller
2005Christopher Purpura
2004Melinda Angeles
2003Melissa Angeles
2002Marissa Angeles
2001Jonathan Pulido, Jamie Sylves
1999Andrew Lamperski
1998Kristi Brecht, Renelle Sagana
1997John Angeles
1996Ramon Abola, Terri Bautista
1995Jason Abucejo
1994Maureen Angeles
1993Femabelle Bautista
1990Maria Ong, Jennifer Recio, Franco Salvoza
1989Anthony Angeles
1988Michelle Neal, Joseph Ong
1987Anna Carina Guinto
1983Wivina Ayson, Jeff Elia
1982Fe Nanette Lucero