DT Staff



Over-all Coordinator (Cultural Committee Chair)

    • Manage operations (includes scheduling, delegating duties)
    • Select or arrange performances of dance troupe
    • Promote or market the dance troupe and its activities

Dance Director/Choreographer

    • Responsible for the repertoire and choreography.


    • Teach assigned dance; choreograph as needed.
    • Determine level of ability of each dancer (advanced, intermediate, beginner) and make this as basis for public performance.

Costumes Custodian and Designer

    • Inventory and take care of existing costumes.
    • Assign costumes to dancers.
    • Design and execute new costumes as needed.

Props Custodian 

    • Inventory and take care of existing costumes.
    • Transport props as needed.
    • Purchase or design and construct new props as needed.

Food and Beverage Coordinator

    • Coordinate snacks served at practices.

Clean-up Coordinator

    • Responsible for order and safety.
    • Clean-up before, during, and after practices.


  • Records activities of dance troupe through photos and videos.