DT Rules

2022 Dance Program


A. From the FAAP Rules and Guidelines (under Cultural Committee)

  1. Only FAAP members (current in membership dues) can join the dance troupe.
  2. Performances representing the FAAP must be approved by Cultural Chairperson.
  3. Costumes for dancers and props are properties of the association through purchases or donations.
  4. Use or rental of FAAP costumes and props must have Cultural Committee permission. The committee will determine the appropriate cleaning fees and custodian’s fees.
  5. Cultural Committee or the donor-sponsor of a performance will designate intended beneficiary of the honorarium or proceeds from the performance. This information will be sent to board by email or reported at board meeting.
  6. Traditionally, any honorarium goes to FAAP, for exclusive use of YFAP or Dance Troupe.
  7. An honorarium is traditionally given to the dance instructor/s at the recommendation of the board. Likewise, at the discretion of the board, an honorarium is given to the institution or place where dance practices are held.


B. Other Rules and Guidelines

  1. There will be “open” enrollment in the dance troupe.
  2. Mandatory attendance in 2 practices immediately before any performance will be imposed. At director’s discretion, this can be reduced to one..
  3. Dancers must dress appropriately and comfortably for practices. Safety first!
  4. A small fee, to be decided by the parents, to cover expenses for maintaining dance troupe (plates/cups/utensils, office supplies, etc.) will be assessed per dancer as follows:
  • $10.00 per one child
  • $20.00 per 2 or more children


C.  Dancers’ appearance for stage performances:

  • Appropriate costume, accessories and footwear will be assigned by the dance director (DD) in accordance with the style of dance.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn, depending on the venue. Some venues will have safe flooring for dancers to be able to dance barefoot. However, at other venues, flooring conditions and theater stages may require the dancers to wear appropriate footwear.
  • Jewelry and fabric/elastic bands are not permitted unless it is part of the costume.
  • Nail polish is permitted if it is clear or otherwise assigned by the DD.
  • Hair style for female performers shall be in a secure bun unless otherwise noted by the DD. Male performers shall have a conservative hairstyle, unless otherwise assigned by the DD.
  • Make-up for females must have eyes enhanced with bright eye shadow, eyeliner & mascara; cheeks must be rosy and lips “red”. These color techniques brighten dancers’ faces under the bright stage lights, which may otherwise make the face monochromatic. Males generally have no make-up unless assigned by the DD.
  • No visible tattoos or applied markings on the dancers’ skin unless assigned by the DD.
  • If possible, contact lenses are to be worn, instead of eyeglasses for those needing to wear corrective lenses during performances.
  • Appropriate undergarments will be worn to protect the possible visibility of certain body parts. Undergarments may not be visible under, over or around the designated costumes.

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