Charity Page


The FAAP Charity Committee directs its work towards charity causes in the Philippines and those within the Pittsburgh and neighboring areas.

  • For the Philippines – because of distance, much of the work for the Philippines are in direct monetary donations to local organizations involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and aid for the poor.  Examples of these are orphanages and organizations that work to feed the hungry or provide assistance in the education in small and remote villages. During calamities like typhoons, flooding, and earthquakes – frequent happenings in the country – the FAAP Calamity Fund is tapped to react quickly in aid to repair damages as well as restore ruined livelihoods.

  • For Pittsburgh and the neighboring areas –  the work is mostly, but not limited to, volunteer work. The committee seeks out volunteers among the FAAP members to help with organizations like the Food Bank, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Bethlehem Haven, Ronald McDonald House, and others.

  • Not to forget its members, the Charity Committee tries to keep track of unfortunate events  or death in order to be able to offer the FAAP’s condolences with the bereaved families.