Donation Page

To all members and friends of the FAAP,

Recently the state has initiated the lifting to a certain degree of the social distancing restrictions. However, the indoor gathering of people in greater numbers is still strictly prohibited thereby curtailing our ability to hold fundraising events at the Philippine Center or do any of our Dance Troupe performances. As we all know, we are an all-volunteer organization and truth be told, our financial lifeline is fundraising which is aimed always at preserving the Filipino culture.

In order to support and maintain the fixed financial obligations of the Philippine Center, the FAAP is promoting a fundraising project wherein for a given amount of donation, the donor will receive a corresponding gift at that level.

Click on the image above to make a monthly recurring donation

Click on the image above to make a one time donation

All items will have the FAAP logo imprinted in them.

Here are the levels of donation and the corresponding gift:

$20.00 donation will receive a cap – Available in Red, Black & Blue

$20.00 donation will receive a tote bag

$25.00 donation will receive a short sleeve shirt

$30.00 donation will receive a long sleeve shirt

– $40.00 donation will receive the FAAP Cookbook

This promotion extends only until the state lockdown is completely lifted or when our inventory runs out whichever comes first.

Gifts will be marked and segregated ready for pick up at the the PC when it is fully operational or one may pick it up at Fanny Spanos’ residence:

5530 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Items will be mailed only to donors that live out of town. Cost of mailing to the donor will roughly be between $3.50 to $5.00

For any questions, you may call or email:

Evelyn Abola 412 302-2868
Fanny Spanos 412327-5586
Lani Mears 412 915-2289

On behalf of the FAAP, ever so thankful!

Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas!

Evelyn G. Abola
President – FAAP