About Us

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We envision a dynamic and vibrant Filipino American community that is recognized and valued as an integral part of America’s ethnic diversity.


Our mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Filipino heritage among our members and the general public through culturalcharitable and educational activities.


Bayanihan Spirit We are committed to cooperation and camaraderie, unselfishly caring for others and working for the common good. It is an espirit d’corps that elevates volunteering of one’s self, time and resources to the highest and most admirable levels.

Respect We show respect for everyone, always courteous in word and demeanor, open to ideas and opposing points of view. We are caring of our elders who have nurtured us with their wisdom and experience. We value our children who look to us as true and unflinching role models.

Non-discriminatory We believe in the equality of all people, treating them with fairness and tolerance, accepting of their faith, politics, economic status, profession, education and ethnicity.

Integrity We are upright and dignified, expecting the same of others at home, in the workplace and the world at large. We subscribe to principles of ethics, dependability and justice, ever mindful that how we conduct ourselves reflects on our moral compass.

Transparency and Accountability We make decisions based on honest and open discussions and conduct our activities in a decent and forthright manner, allowing members access to FAAP records, answerable to our consciences for our actions and fully responsible for their consequences.

Hospitality We are welcoming to all who come in friendship to our door, sharing willingly of our repast and possessions. Our patience, musicality and unfailing sense of humor serve us well in all manner of social relationships.