Dance Troupe

The FAAP Dance Troupe is a cultural, folkloric dance ensemble. Its varied and exciting repertoire reflects the breadth and depth of the Philippine culture and history, which encompass animistic beliefs of the many mountain tribes, Muslim and Christian beliefs, and celebrations of Spanish-influenced fiestas. Its basic philosophy believes in the importance of authentic audio-visual presentation through music, costumes and choreography.

Well-researched dances are chosen based on cultural study of the ethnic groups they represent. These dances are used to teach the performers and the public about the richness and diversity of the cultural groups, and about significant historical events of the Philippines.

The staff and performers are all volunteers from the Greater Pittsburgh area, Ohio and West Virginia. The training and costumes are free of charge. Teaching follows the school calendar which runs September to May. Membership is open to all throughout the school year.

The dance troupe has been performing in venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic, notably at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, Philippine Independence Day Celebration in New York City, G-20 Summit, Pittsburgh Folk Festival, Silk Screen and First Night in Pittsburgh.

The Dance Troupe is run and managed by the Cultural Committee of the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. (FAAP)


All are welcome to join!

  1. Download the registration form
  2. Print the form and fill-up the requested information
  3. Bring the form with you and the registration fee at the next dance practice/meeting
  4. For details, contact the FAAP Cultural Committee Chair at